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Positively Possible – Joyce Meyer Devo, 23rd April 2023

Positively Possible – Joyce Meyer Devo, 23rd April 2023

Positively Possible - Joyce Meyer Devo, 23rd April 2023

Text: Mark 10:27

One of the best stories about how faith and confidence in God releases the power of potential took place centuries ago, when many parts of the ancient world were still unsettled. God promised the people of Israel they would possess a rich and fertile country, known as Canaan. He didn’t promise them they could step across its borders without opposition, but He did promise them they would inhabit it—and when God makes a promise, He means it.

Taking God at His Word, the Israelites appointed twelve men to go into Canaan to “spy out the land” and bring back a report. Upon their return, ten spies admitted that the land flowed with milk and honey and acknowledged that the fruit in Canaan was large and beautiful, but then remarked that the land was full of giants who would be impossible to overcome. They allowed the presence of the giants to detract from the promises of God.

In contrast, Joshua and Caleb brought back good reports, full of faith and confidence in God, and Caleb spoke up with confidence, saying, …Let us go up at once and possess it; we are well able to conquer it (Numbers 13:30 AMPC).

The ten spies thought the giants in the land were too big to kill, but Joshua and Caleb thought they were too big to miss. Joshua and Caleb were the only two men who were positive in the face of opposition from the giants. They didn’t ignore the challenges, but they did not overemphasize them—and they were the only two who entered the Promised Land.

Being positive does not mean we deny the existence of difficulty; it means we believe God is greater than our difficulties. Believing in God can cause us to win any battle we face. When we are closed to “positive possibilities” we only see what is right in front of us, not what we could see if we would simply be positive and creative.


Prayer of the Day: Dear God, help me to have faith and confidence in You like Joshua and Caleb, so that I may see the positive possibilities and not be deterred by the challenges that come my way. Let me trust that Your promises are true and that You are greater than any difficulty I may face, amen.

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Joyce Meyer Devotional is written by Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministeries. Joyce Meyer is an American Televangelist, Author and Charistmatic Preacher. Pauline Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave are married with four grown up children.

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