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Our Daily Manner, 15 May 2021 – On The Wrong/Right Side Of History

Our Daily Manner, 15 May 2021 – On The Wrong/Right Side Of History By Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe

Our Daily Manner, 15 May 2021 - On The Wrong/Right Side Of History


Welcome to this BETHEL HOUR with the Holy Ghost! Beloved, do you know that your words and actions today and the impact they have on society can either place you on the right side of history or on the wrong side? Yes! Everybody is a historian! You are creating a piece of history daily! WILL YOU BE ON THE WRONG/RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY?

And the Holy Ghost is asking: WHAT will you be remembered for? 
Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden and brought the curse of God upon mankind. 
As a result of this curse, struggle, pain, suffering and mortal death came upon humanity. And this we can see in Genesis 3:1-24. Adam and Eve clearly put themselves on the wrong side of history because they will ever be remembered for their act of disobedience, which brought the curse that gave birth to all the struggles, pain, suffering and death upon mankind. 
Another set of people that placed themselves on the wrong side of history through what is today called, THE HOLOCAUST, were the NAZIS that came to power in 1933 in Germany.

They are today remembered for their murder of six million Jews – innocent men, women and children. And at the head of this government was one man, ADOLF HITLER, who believed that Germans were racially superior and the Jews were deemed as an inferior race. 

According to his philosophy, to create a pure German race and community, Jews and others that belonged to the minority were to be killed. 
Till date and as long as the earth remains, the only thing that will be remembered when the name Hitler is mentioned is the Holocaust – the GENOCIDE in which six million Jews were killed and the Second World War of 1941-1945, also caused by this man ADOLF HITLER. 
Now, the question is: Which side of history would you like to be in? WHAT will you be remembered for?

Today’s Basic Scripture Vs.16 says: ‘’Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’’ Adam and Eve placed themselves on the wrong side of history through disobedience. And so did Adolf Hitler through the Holocaust and the Second World War. But from today, you can begin to place yourself on the right side of history by shining for the world to see through good deeds/works. NEVER GO TO BED ANY DAY WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEONE! Peace!


1. Take Song 3: When the morning comes…

2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now.

3. Oh God! I shall not lag behind in good deeds in Jesus name.

4. Help me LORD! Don’t let me go to bed without showing an act of kindness daily to someone!

5. The good deeds I do will not be lost; they shall come back to me in unexpected ways in Jesus name.

6. Let my good works speak for me where I have no voice. I shall be remembered for good, long after I depart this planet in Jesus name.

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