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How/What To Pray Over The Anointing Oil

How/What To Pray Over The Anointing Oil

How/What To Pray Over The Anointing Oil

Ask the Lord what is needed. Forgiveness of sin? Healing? Ask God very specifically to anoint that oil to give that person whatever God needs to impart to them. 

Often people will only give a general prayer when they put the oil in a container — a “buckshot” prayer. With a specific prayer, there is intercession going on both at the same time of the consecration and the anointing. 

Pray for the oil’s anointing. Infiltrators have been known to sabotage leftover oil, or defile it with salt, leaven, urine, etc. This is especially true if numerous members of the congregation have keys to the church. 

They will hunt it down and contaminate it. So it is best to pray over it every time, asking God to cleanse it if it has been defiled and empower it to do His will. 

His precious compassion is “new every morning (Lam. 3:22-23). 

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill and sanctify the oil for the performance of God’s will and purpose.


This post is an excerpt from Blood on the Doorposts by William Schnoebelen with a little addition by the post author.

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