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Confronting in Love – Our Daily Bread (ODB) Devotional, 18th November 2023

Confronting in Love – Our Daily Bread (ODB) Devotional, 18th November 2023

Our daily bread

Topic: Confronting in Love – Our Daily Bread, ODB Devotional Today, November 18, 2023 (Paraphrased)

Bible in a Year:

Ezekiel 8–10
Hebrews 13
Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry?”

Genesis 4:6

Today’s Scripture & Insight:

Genesis 4:1–12
He demonstrated proficiency in many areas, but there was an issue that everyone noticed. However, due to his effectiveness in fulfilling most of his responsibilities, his problem with anger was not adequately addressed. He was never truly confronted about it. Unfortunately, this resulted in numerous people getting hurt over the course of several years. Ultimately, it led to the premature end of a career that had the potential to be so much more for this fellow believer. If only I had chosen to lovingly confront him a long time ago.

In the book of Genesis, God sets an example of how to confront someone’s sin with love. Cain became furious when his offering to the Lord, consisting of fruits from his farming, was rejected (Genesis 4:3). God confronted him and asked why he was angry (Genesis 4:6). He then urged Cain to turn away from his sin and pursue what is good and right. Sadly, Cain disregarded God’s words and committed a terrible act (Genesis 4:8).

While we cannot force others to change their sinful behavior, we can approach them with compassion and confront them. We can speak the truth in love, aiming to become more like Christ (Ephesians 4:15 NLT). Additionally, as we open our hearts to listen, we can also receive difficult truths from others.

By Tom Felten

Reflect & Pray
Why is it vital for us to confront others in love? How do you receive hard but helpful words?


Father, help me to have the courage to confront others in love and to receive hard but true words with grace.

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