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Bear Good Fruit – Joyce Meyer Devotional, 18th March 2022

Bear Good Fruit – Joyce Meyer Devotional, 18th March 2022

Bear Good Fruit - Joyce Meyer Devotional, 18th March 2022

Text: John 15:8

Our lives are not given to us for us to waste them. God desires that we bear good fruit on a regular basis. Doing good, being creative, helping others, accomplishing goals, and other such things gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and I must admit that it feels really good. On the other hand, when I waste a day doing nothing, feeling sorry for myself, being angry or lazy, that doesn’t feel good.

I am not suggesting that we need to spend all our time working, but we should be productive on a regular basis. Praying for others as we go about our day is productive. Being friendly and encouraging others is a simple way to bear good fruit.

I remember once, several years ago, going to visit my mother in the hospital, and when I got there a young woman was in her room administering a heart test. She had lovely skin and hair and a beautiful smile. She was also very kind. Instead of just thinking these things, I told her that she was really pretty. The look on her face let me know that she didn’t hear it nearly often enough and that it made her feel really good.

It is easy to focus on people’s flaws and totally miss the good things about them, but we don’t have to be like that if we purpose to bear good fruit by making a big deal out of each good thing we notice about people. You and I have the power to make someone else’s day awesome by being God’s voice and letting them hear through us the good things He sees in them. Make today and every day a special day by bearing good fruit that will honor God.

Prayer Starter: Father, I love You very much. I want to bear good fruit and I need Your help in this, as I do in everything else in my life. I lean and rely on You to help me see various ways that I can make this day and every day fruitful!


When you bear (produce) much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.

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Joyce Meyer Devotional is written by Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministeries. Joyce Meyer is an American Televangelist, Author and Charistmatic Preacher. Pauline Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave are married with four grown up children.

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