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Trust The Light - Our Daily Bread ODB + Insight: 8 February 2021

Trust The Light - Our Daily Bread ODB + Insight: 8 February 2021

Trust The Light - Our Daily Bread ODB + Insight: 8 February 2021

Trust the Light

By John Blase for ODB

Believe in the light . . . so that you may become children of light. 
John 12:36

Read: John 12:25–33, 35–36

Bible in a Year:
Leviticus 4–5; Matthew 24:29–51

The weather forecast said bomb cyclone. That’s what happens when a winter storm rapidly intensifies as the atmospheric pressure drops. By the time night fell, the blizzard conditions made the highway to the Denver airport almost impossible to see. Almost. But when it’s your daughter who’s flying home to visit, you do what you have to do. You pack extra clothes and water (just in case you get stranded on the highway), drive very slowly, pray without ceasing, and last but not least, trust your headlights. And sometimes you can achieve the almost impossible.

Jesus foretold of a storm on the horizon, one that would involve His death (John 12:31–33), and one that would challenge His followers to stay faithful and serve (v. 26). It was going to get dark and be almost impossible to see. Almost. So what did Jesus tell them to do? Believe, or trust, the Light (v. 36). That was the only way they could keep going forward and stay faithful.

Jesus would only be with them a little while longer. But believers have His Spirit as our constant guide to light the way. We too will face dark times when it’s almost impossible to see the way ahead. Almost. But by believing, or trusting in the Light, we can press on.

What dark season have you been through lately? How did Jesus, the Light, help you keep going?

Jesus, thank You for being the light in my darkness. Help me to trust and keep going.


When God enabled David to rescue abducted loved ones (1 Samuel 30:1–20), his success called attention to the failures of Saul to help his own family. Outnumbered by the Philistine army, Saul asked God for help, but he received no answer (28:4–6). Desperate, he turned to a medium in an attempt to call back from the dead his faithful advisor Samuel (vv. 7–9). Samuel did appear, but he told Saul what he didn’t want to hear. The next day the army of Israel would be defeated and Saul, together with his sons, would die (vv. 16–20).

Saul and David both helped show us our need for another King who, by breaking the power of sin and death, would come to the rescue even of His enemies.

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