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Nothing Satisfies Like God - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 30 December 2020

Nothing Satisfies Like God - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 30 December 2020

You Are Wanted - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional: 26 December 2020

Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lie that there was something outside of God’s provision that would satisfy them (see Genesis 3:1–7). We each make this same mistake until we learn that nothing can deeply, truly satisfy us except the presence of God.

For years, I wanted my ministry to grow. When it didn’t, I became frustrated and dissatisfied. I fasted, prayed, and tried everything I knew to get more people to come to my meetings. I remember complaining when God wouldn’t give me the increase I wanted. I would go to a meeting, and everybody would be late, nobody would be excited, and sometimes the attendance would be half of what it was the time before.

Then I would leave the meeting questioning, What am I doing wrong, God? Why aren’t You blessing me? I’m fasting. I’m praying. I’m giving and believing. God, look at all my good works, and You’re not moving on my behalf. I was so frustrated. I even asked, “God! Why are You doing this to me?” He said, “Joyce, I am teaching you that man does not live by bread alone.”

I knew God had spoken to me from the Bible, but at that time I wasn’t familiar enough with it to know where that scripture could be found. So I searched God’s Word for more explanation, but I didn’t like what I found. Deuteronomy 8:2–3 showed me that God was humbling me and wanted my desires to be purely for more of Him—not for more attendants. The Lord said to me, “Anything that you need besides Me to be satisfied is something the enemy can use against you.” It’s not that we shouldn’t want things; God just doesn’t want us to put them before our desire for Him.

If you feel like you’re doing all the right things but still aren’t experiencing your breakthrough, examine your priorities and motives. God wants to bless you, so as you trust Him completely and make Him first in your life, you’ll be satisfied.

Prayer Starter: 

Father, please help me to keep You first in my desires, and not to be obsessed with getting more of anything but You. Thank You for always wanting to bless me, and for helping me keep my heart in line with Yours. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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