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15 Powerful Prayer Points Against Barrenness & Infertility & Bible Verses

15 Powerful Prayer Points Against Barrenness & Infertility & Bible Verses

15 Powerful Prayer Points Against Barrenness & Infertility

It is God’s will for His children to be fruitful. After God created Adam and Eve, He blessed and said ‘be fruitful and multiply’.

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”Genesis 1:28.

How else can one fill the earth and subdue it when he/she is barren?

Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table. Psalm 128:3.

All the scriptures above are pointers to the fact that God’s original plan for His children is that they should be fruitful and multiply. 
Your case may have been contrary. As a man or woman you may have been married for years, but still have not gotten any issue.
Whatever may be the hindrance to your fruitfulness, be it known that God is above them all.
God can fully set you free if you pray with the whole of heart and cry out to Him.
Hannah was a woman barren in the bible. She prayed to God, and God gave her Samuel. What is there that God cannot do? I have not seen!
Pray these powerful prayer points over the barrenness in your life. Pray devotedly and look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith as the ultimate solution to that barren situation.
1. Father I thank You for my life, family, for all the things You’ve done and those You are still doing. For those I have seen and those I cannot yet see.
2. Father forgive my sins and cleanse me by the precious blood of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus against any curse or obstacle standing against my fruitfulness.
3. O Lord, I come against any power standing against my fruitfulness in Jesus mighty name!
4. Oh you spirit of barrenness, be destroyed from my life by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.
5. Any power from the kingdom of darkness that has hindered my fruitfulness, collide with the rock of ages in the mighty name of Jesus!
6. Whatever they have given me in dream to cease my fruitfulness, be uprooted in Jesus’ name.
8. Let any coven, shrine or alter in which my children have been kept hidden be consumed by fire in Jesus mighty name!
9. Every tree of barrenness and unfruitfulness in my life, I command you to be uprooted right now in the mighty name of Jesus
10. Lord, fulfil your word in my life according to Deuteronomy 7:14-15 which says “Thou shalt be blessed above all people: there shall not be male or female barren among you, or among your cattle.


And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee.”

11. Every organ in my body, and you organs of fruitfulness and conception not functioning well, I command you to function now in Jesus name.
12. Every curse following me that has hindered my fruitfulness, I overcome you by the precious blood of Jesus. Be destroyed right now in Jesus name.
13. Father, I believe that henceforth, I shall no more be called barren. I receive the power, grace and favour to be fruitful in Jesus name.
14. I seal all these prayers and petitions with the precious blood of Jesus.
15. Thank You Lord, for I am now delivered and in no distant time, I shall conceive and bear a child in Jesus mighty name.
Congratulations! God has indeed delivered you as you pray these prayers with faith. Now thank and worship Him in praises and songs from the heart. Do not forget to share your testimony after God has blessed you with a fruit of the womb.

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